Daysailing on Bras d'Or Lake
Daysailing on Bras d'Or Lake 

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  • Jay & Jan Black (Friday, February 11 11 10:03 am EST)

    This is the ideal "green travel" event! Pure air, pure waters, a trim and well-kept boat with a knowledgeable, friendly captain! We loved every minute of this wonderful sail, and I personally loved
    being able to "take the wheel" for a few minutes.
    What a thrill!
    (And, St. Peters is Canada's best-kept secret: no tourist crowds, convenience, beauty, a truly fun place to stay and play, they've got it all.)

  • Luke L. Batdorf and Teresa MacNeil (Saturday, February 12 11 09:10 am EST)

    We live beside the Lake; know its beauty, moods and the splendor of this unique, yet undiscovered and uncrowded inland Sea. We know its vast scope for excellent sailing; quiet coves for
    peaceful,serene and tranquil pauses amid pristine water and air, nestled in a wide range of nature; yet, when we sailed with Captain Greg and his crew, we were refreshed by Misty Cat's comfortable,
    spacious and engaging ambiance, coupled with an invitation to try our hand at sailing. We were renewed because we had a day free from the phones, e-mails and clutter of a busy life. It was the "pause
    that refreshes", and a wonderful way to introduce our guest to a day at sea under sail.

  • Wendy and Marty Levine (Friday, February 18 11 12:52 pm EST)

    We spent 3 weeks exploring Nova Scotia and PEI in the summer of 2010 and our sail with Captain Greg was a true highlight of our vacation. My husband is handicapped and they moved mountains to get him
    safely on board. His boat is beautiful and comfortable and our lunch was truly gourmet. Wish I could forever capture the ultimate peace and beauty of that very special day!

  • Pierre Boisvert (Tuesday, February 22 11 07:01 am EST)

    Thank you for a wonderful day. Your boat, your company, the sailing, the food...everything contributed to a wonderful day! You made a sailor out of our grandson Jonathan - he is still talking about
    his experience at the wheel. Thanks again, Pierre, Murielle and Jonathan.

  • Tracee Chambers (Wednesday, February 23 11 09:27 am EST)

    What an amazing day of sailing!!!!! I grew up sailing on my Fathers boat on Lake Ontario, then progressed to Georgian Bay as an adult, my experience with Captain Greg in Cape Breton was wonderful. He
    had miraculously booked the water just for us that day, or so it appeared. So much raw beauty to soak in and experience. I felt completely safe with Greg and very much appreciated his
    knowledge/history of the area(he is also musically very talented...not sure if all guests to see that side but it is an additional treat!!!) I would recommend this sailing adventure to anyone. David
    and I will be back and once again Thank you so much for the great experience. We look forward to seeing/sailing with you and Dawn this summer.Tracee

  • David Winter (Sunday, March 06 11 12:50 pm EST)

    Sailing with Captain Greg (Long John) Silver on Bras d'Or Lake has always been on my 'to do' list and finally we were able to scratch that off the log this past summer. His down-home personality,
    knowledge of the area and maritime expertise were all gratefully appreciated and wonderfully comforting as we embarked on a sailing expedition which assuaged the rigours and stress of the world as we
    know it. It is one thing to embark on an adventure previously unknown, but to do it within the confines and beauty of Cape Breton, not to mention the company of an engaging and astute sailor (and his
    charming partner), is certainly a piece of heaven which I would strongly recommend to anyone and everyone. We'll be back!

  • Doug & Judy Martell (Sunday, March 13 11 05:45 am EDT)

    My wife and I were fortunate enough to “be along for the drive” so to speak, for one of the shorter races in which Greg regularly participates. He wasn’t looking for salty-dogs when we joined a few
    other “sailors” on his craft for a few hours of sailing / racing on the Bras d'Or Lake near St. Peter’s. Although it would have been fantastic to simply sit and watch Greg maneuver the “Misty Cat“,
    he was quick to have us pulling ropes and ducking the wishbone. We felt completely at-home as he made all the rigging and positioning decisions while we soaked up the sun, sandwiches and a brew or

    The “Misty Cat” although not built for speed, has definitely been built for comfort with it’s tall and spacious cabin which has all the amenities for “roughing it” at sea. We had a great sail, good
    company and even enhanced our sailing knowledge and skill. It was a very relaxing and stress free afternoon and we’re beginning to understand why sailing in and of itself is a destination.

    Kudo’s to Greg and “Misty Cat” for taking good care of us.

    Doug & Judy Martell

  • Peter Rowlands and Susan Bright (Wednesday, March 16 11 01:01 pm EDT)

    We had a wonderful day aboard Misty Cat. Greg is not only a gracious host and terrific sailor, but also a gentle and well informed guide to the history, culture and people of Cape Breton.
    I'd go back to Cape Breton and a day on the Misty Cat in a heartbeat!

  • Judy Weinstein (Friday, April 08 11 01:03 pm EDT)

    For non-sailors, our experience in July 2010 with Captain Greg and crew was memorable. His skill as captain plus his knowledge of local history and sailing lore elevated our few hours together from a
    mere boat ride to a lasting wonderful memory.

    Rosalind and Howard Karby
    Judy and Malcolm Weinstein
    Vancouver B.C.

  • The Rotenberg Family (Saturday, April 16 11 09:18 am EDT)

    What a fabulous day!!! We stumbled across Captain Greg and Misty Cat while looking for a unique experience in Cape Bretton. Our three kids had a great time and they all had a chance to take the helm
    and experience the thrill of navigating the waters of Bras D'or Lake in this very comfortable ship. Captain Greg is a seasoned sailor who obviously knows his and comfort of his guests
    are a priority (and as the father of three that impressed me). Ten months later the kids are still talking about that day and when we will go sailing again!

    I would recommend a day sail with Captain Greg to anyone looking for a unique outdoor adventure. It's a great way to explore an otherwise unaccessible part of Cape Bretton...and you'll have a
    lifetime of memories

    The Rotenberg Family
    Montreal, Quebec.

  • Richard and Liz Stern (Thursday, August 25 11 08:39 pm EDT)

    We had a delightful day on board the Misty Cat with Greg and Dawn. The weather was perfect, the scenery was great, the passing Bald eagles and Bonaparte's gulls were neat, and we got a chance to sail
    the boat. But the most enjoyable part was the great conversations we had with Greg and Dawn, who were interesting, laid back, and very knowledgeable about all things Cape Breton and beyond. Turned
    out we even had some mutual buddies.

    Richard and Liz, NS

  • Howard, Karen, Kat, Lyanne (Tuesday, October 04 11 09:56 am EDT)

    To say Capt Greg is accommodating is an understatement!

    We took an afternoon trip on Greg's Sailing Charters last mid sept. By the end of the trip we were (or I was) already inspired to get myself a boat.

    One key ingredient to the fun was in getting to know the capt and his many passions. Sailing being one of them. The whole event was both entertaining and instructive. It was a very hands on
    experience; Capt Greg wasn't hesitant to let us be involved. We had our fair share of blunders, but he didnt seem to mind (he would have let us keep trying had we not gone around in circles). And not
    only did we get a good intro to sailing (tacking, catching the wind, moving forward instead of in circles) We spent the day in a celebratory mode (champagne and girls dancing on the boat and

    The misty cat is a pretty boat, a perfect size for a group of 5 or 6 and makes for an intimate trip. It was fully equipped with a sound system and all the supplies we needed like blankets, lifevests,
    wine glasses, pirate rhum.

    As we toured around Eastern Canada, this was a culminating activity for us... one which we will mostly likely babble about to our grandkids come old age.

  • PATRICIA AND NEIL (Friday, July 13 12 10:50 am EDT)


  • Christopher Griffiths (Thursday, July 19 12 04:08 pm EDT)

    Kim and I got our first look at Misty Cat in Canso one sunny Saturday afternoon during the Stan Rogers Folk Festival weekend. We had met Greg and his lovely wife Dawn the day before out along the
    shore and spent half that night playing music. Two weeks later we were sailing out of St. Peters and out on the world famous Bras D'or Lakes with our good friends Dave and Karen from Ontario....we
    experienced a full compliment of lobster and chilled wine. Needless to say we had the time of oour lives, swimming and taking turnns at the wheel; performing water ballet with the life ring aat the
    end of a long tow rope...alright, that was Kim! It is a beaautiful boat Captain Greg! Your passion for sailing and music is naatural. Your humour and your hospitallity go a long way towards making
    this one of the most enjoyable weekends of our summer.
    Christopher and Kim

  • Keith & Judy (Tuesday, July 24 12 06:43 pm EDT)

    We spent a wonderful anniversary night aboard the Misty Cat, followed by a wonderful day of sailing. Would highly recommend a trip with Capt. Greg to anyone who loves the quiet glide of a sailboat on
    the sea.
    Judy & Keith

  • Sue and Mike Holmes (Friday, July 27 12 01:33 pm EDT)

    Well we just got home from a sailing excursion our children had bought for us and what a great time we had! Captain Greg gave us a quick sailing lesson and before you knew it, we were taking turns at
    the wheel. Everything looks different when you are viewing it from the water and not the road. To be able to see things up close that you would never be able to see if you weren't in the water was so
    exciting. Then we pulled into this quiet little bay and had beautiful lobster wraps for lunch, a very fitting lunch for a sailing day. It was a wonderful experience and Greg is so interesting and
    knowledgable, it felt more like we were spending the day sailing with an old friend than someone we had just met. I'm sure we'll be doing this again in the future. Thanks Greg for making our
    adventure a memorable one.
    Sue & Mike

  • Bob Eichler (Sunday, August 05 12 07:03 pm EDT)

    Thanks Greg, for the really fun time and great sail. You made it possible to see the Lake in a "special" way. I'd recommend your services anytime. Thanks also for the photos.
    Best regards,

  • Bob Eichler (Sunday, August 05 12 07:08 pm EDT)

    Hi Greg, Thanks for a wonderful afternoon sail on Misty Cat. Jac really hit it on the head when he found you. We couldn't have had a better time or a better captain. I'm happy to recommend you to
    Bob Eichler

  • Fred & Patsy Proctor and friends (Monday, October 01 12 06:37 pm EDT)

    We had a great time out sailing on the Misty Cat with Captain Greg and Dawn, and we would highly recommend it to everyone.
    We helped in raising the sails,and we even got to steer the boat. Thank you

  • Christa Walsh (Saturday, November 03 12 12:25 pm EDT)

    We spent the final day of our 2-week Cape Breton vacation with Captain Greg aboard the Misty Cat, and we couldn’t have asked for a better way to end our trip. We had a fabulous time! Greg provided
    some instruction at the start of our sail, and then my husband and father-in-law took over manning the sails and steering the boat. They absolutely loved it! Greg was very helpful and informative,
    and he made us feel comfortable right away with his easygoing nature. My husband conveniently “forgot” his gloves on the boat just so we’ll have an excuse to go back. Thanks for a great day, Greg –
    we’re already looking forward to another sailing adventure with you!

  • Don and Rose (Sunday, September 22 13 07:12 pm EDT)

    Our lovely half day sail celebrating our 40th anniversary in September turned into an exciting sailing lesson as the patient and brave Captain Greg let me take the wheel and navigate (with a great
    deal of coaching) both out to the Bras D'Or lake and back through the channel almost to the dock. Thanks for such a great afternoon's adventure! Don & Rose

  • Dave White (Monday, September 23 13 07:55 pm EDT)

    What am awesome and unique outdoor experience in a safe environment provided by a very gracious and , I must add, trusting Captain Greg. Allowing me to take the wheel of his finely tuned sailboat was
    an absolute thrill of a lifetime for a landlubber like myself. I went into the daysail having some book knowledge of things nautical, but almost zero practical sea time. Captain Greg patiently
    instructed how to tack, yes I had us "in stays" a few times, and explained why we should do things this way or that. I learned much about rules of "the road", weather patterns in the area, tidal
    flow, local wildlife, and the rich Acadian history of Cape Breton of which I was ignorant. Another passion of Greg's is his love of the Acadian music prevelant here, played by the Captain on the
    fiddle. An unforgettable afternoon aboard Misty Cat by a welcoming host. I tried to be serious but I felt like a teenager enthralled by a learners permit and the keys to the family car. My only
    regret is that I didn't stay out longer. Thanks again Captain Greg. You're a great host. Dave

  • John Kosinski (Sunday, August 31 14 08:52 pm EDT)

    I was lucky enough to sail with Captain Greg and my two young sons (ages 5 and 3) on a beautiful summer day in late August. Captain Greg was wonderful with my sons -- patient and kind and thoughtful.
    Captain Greg helped us all have a turn captaining his ship -- even through some challenging winds and a tight channel. I sailed with him on my birthday, and it was a birthday I will remember always!

  • Anne Marie Van Raay (Monday, September 22 14 08:57 am EDT)

    Just returned to Ontario from a weekend on Cape Breton. Met my StFX daughter and we joined up with Captain Greg as we wanted to experience sailing in a keel boat as we are used to the dinghy
    experience. We had some very high winds but Greg seemed confident that we would be fine. Once we got beyond our initial fears - I was steering and took me a bit to keep it under control - we What a
    great time! My daughter had just started a head cold and wasn't feeling well and was content to just hang on and enjoy the ride and that was fine too. Greg was calm, pleasant and professional. He
    quietly took over when he needed to. This is great for someone that wants to do something physical and not just sight see while on the island. We stayed at the inn and there is a nice trail for
    running on the ocean side and Battery Park has a few hiking trails and a great view. Next time we will come in July or August when the water is warmer so we can swim off of the boat too. We brought
    our own food and drinks on the boat but also really appreciated the complimentary scotch when we moored. That plus the hot tub at the inn warmed us right back up after the wavy ride! Thanks again
    Greg. It was the high light of our weekend!

  • Susan (Wednesday, October 22 14 08:58 am EDT)

    Beautiful day with lots of opportunity to try actually sailing the boat or just go along for the ride. Greg is a great instructor for those wishing to sail. The Misty Cat is comfortable and the Bras
    d'Or Lake very lovely.

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